Do you offer Post-production editing services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive editing services using the latest software suits to ensure we deliver the highest quality content to our clients. Our skilled editors will colour grade footage, crop images, stabilise video, add special effects, backing music and branding as needed to ensure the final deliverables meet your expectations.

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Can I request specific shots or angles?

Absolutely! We believe collaboration with our clients is very important and strive to accommodate their desired outcomes. Whether you have specific shots or perspectives in mind, our experienced team will work closely with you to capture the perfect imagery.

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How do you ensure safety during flights?

Safety is our top priority. Our drone operators are highly experienced and trained and follow strict safety protocols during every flight. We conduct thorough pre-flight inspections, monitor weather conditions and comply with CASA regulations, which provides peace of mind for both us and our clients.

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What aerial services do you offer?

Our aerial services specialises in capturing stunning aerial photography and videography across various industries including real estate, construction progress, event coverage and landscape photography.

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How much does aerial photography/videography cost?

Each project is unique and so our pricing is tailored to its specific requirements. Factors such as location, duration of operation, and additional services requested can impact the overall cost. We offer transparent pricing and will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining all expenses before proceeding with the project.

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